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Protect from Counterfeit and Illicit Trade 


Blockchain based innovative online platform focusing on Supply Chain Transparency, Traceability, Counterfeit Prevention and Direct Marketing.

 Counterfeit Protection 

According to OECD & EUIPO imports of counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars (461 billion USD) a year, or around 2.5% of global imports

Illicit Tobacco estimated lost revenue $40bn in 2016

If the global illicit trade were eliminated, governments would immediately gain at least $31 billion, and from 2030 onwards save over 160,000 lives a year.

Current protection methods are expensive and not effective, especially in countries with high levels of corruption.

Existing solutions cannot protect from copying of QR/Barcodes/RFIDs.


The problem can be solved by having more control over supply chain and by providing Consumer with a trusted way to validate authenticity of the product. This approach assumes that for every produced item a unique identifier (SLID) is generated and attached to that item. All identifiers are stored in a secure digital storage so at any moment in time identifier can be checked against the storage.

Our solution is utilizing Blockchain-based Distributed Ledger (Ledger) to store the data.


The Ledger will provide required data protection and trust. It allows the data to be stored and managed by multiple equal parties (e.g. members of the Supply chain, such as Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, etc) without central authority. This approach eliminates possibility of fraud by one/single authority. Any attempt to falsify data will be detected and rejected by the members of Blockchain network, who independently validate and control the correct version of the data.

Typical Cases

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Supply Chain Transparency

Existing Supply Chains lack transparency due to inconsistent, fragmented data and lack of interoperability


Consumers demand more transparency on what they eat, drink, wear, use and where product come from  


Brands are under increasing regulatory compliance pressure and costs


The problem can be solved by having more control over supply chain and by providing supply chain members with a trusted and secure way of tracking and tracing products data.


SigmaLedger offers common decentralised products repository and ledger for all member of supply chain secured by Blockchain technology.

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Direct Marketing

In most cases there is no information about consumer, who purchase the product unless he decides to register as an owner (given that Brand provides such option).

There is no information about consumers expressed interest in the product in the offline.

Ideally we would like to extend online experience to the offline to target specific user profiles in marketing campaign.

Maintenance and support is complicated – vendor often cannot find out, what product from which batch consumer owns.


SigmaLedger extends the best online experience to the offline world. It connects Brands to offline shopper allowing businesses to monitor user interest and purchases, establishing direct communication channel.

Business Values

Core Features



For businesses with short supply chain. Most suitable for manufacturers, which sell directly to consumers. Simply register online, generate IDs, attach to your product items and do not forget to mark as sold when item is purchased by consumer.


For business with full supply chain. Most suitable for businesses that need various workplaces including Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, Authority, etc. Also suitable for online e-stores. Contact SigmaLedger to get more details about offering and integration.


Install mobile application on your iphone or android and never worry about purchasing fakes. Application is 100% free, does not have ads and does not have in-app purchases. You can stay anonymous and use application or register to receive for alerts.


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