Direct Marketing


In most cases there is no information about consumer, who purchase the product unless he decides to register as an owner (given that Brand provides such option).

There is no information about consumers expressed interest in the product in the offline.

Ideally we would like to extend online experience to the offline to target specific user profiles in marketing campaign.

Maintenance and support is complicated – vendor often cannot find out, what product from which batch consumer owns.



SigmaLedger extends the best online experience to the offline world. It connects Brands to offline shopper allowing businesses to monitor user interest and purchases, establishing direct communication channel.

Business values
  • Engage with Customers who scanned or bought the product by sending direct marketing messages and service notifications

  • Execute highly efficient targeted incentives programs, eliminate fraud

  • Improve products maintenance  and support

  • Improve Consumer Experience by providing provenance records and extra information about the product. (keep up to date information)

  • Monitor online and offline customer interest

Core features
  • Vendor (Brand, Manufacturer, Retailer) can send notifications and updates to the relevant group of consumers based on the information about what products they own or what interest they expressed

  • Consumer can seamlessly submit feedbacks without complicated process of figuring out where the feedback form, what model he owns, its serial number, etc

  • Consumer can seamlessly submit complaints when he witnesses suspicious item (e.g. potential counterfeit)


Data Privacy Layer and Smart Contracts control data access, data management and allow Consumer remain anonymous. 


Mobile applications for Consumers to check products information and provenance, take part in incentive programs.

Consumer may stay anonymous while using the platform or register to the system to unlock additional functionality such as service notifications, counterfeit alerting, etc.