Supply Chain Transparency


Existing Supply Chains lack transparency due to inconsistent, fragmented data and lack of interoperability


Consumers demand more transparency on what they eat, drink, wear, use and where product come from  


Brands are under increasing regulatory compliance pressure and costs



The problem can be solved by having more control over supply chain and by providing supply chain members with a trusted and secure way of tracking and tracing products data.


SigmaLedger offers common decentralised products repository and ledger for all member of supply chain secured by Blockchain technology.

Business values
  • Improve visibility of how product is going through supply chain to the final destination point

  • Trace back history and provenance of individual product unit and its components/ingredients

  • Common products and units database with other members of supply chain, secure and reliable

  • Trace conditions, under which product is transported and stored by integrating with sensors

  • Ability for Consumer to choose higher quality product by knowing what the product is made of, when, where and by whom it was manufactured, under what conditions it was stored and transported

  • Keep up with allergies and diets by knowing what ingredients are inside the product (*)

Core features
  • Brands can create detailed description of the product including pictures, ingredients, nutrition facts, expiration dates, links to external materials (videos, articles, external review, etc.)

  • Consumer and other supply chain members can scan a code and see product details, history, ingredients, etc.

  • Authorized supply chain members can register product related events (change of ownership, location, transportation conditions, complaints, etc.) via public API or web application


Blockchain-based Distributed Ledger


Data Privacy Layer and Smart Contracts control data access and data management      


Unique SLID is generated for each product unit. SLID can be scanned by mobile application to retrieve details about product unit. Supported SLID tag formats:

  • QR code

  • Barcode

  • RFID

  • NFC    


Comprehensive public API and Web portal to manage products, batches, inventory, track and trace batches and units, etc


Public API to report and read data from sensors to track product transportation conditions and location


Mobile applications for Consumers and Retailers to check products information and provenance


Consumer may stay anonymous while using the platform or register to the system to unlock additional functionality such as alerting, etc.